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Greetings dear watchers,
It's been great six years here on DeviantArt, but all good things come to an end, and now it's time for me to leave.
In the end of the week I'll put many of my works  in storage (esp scraps and older works), so if you'd like to save a few works for personal use, now is the time.

You can find me on my FB page, I often post WIPs, new art and recent news there:

Facebook  My Facebook

My best works and projects will be posted in my Behance portfolio:

Behance Icon

Hopefully by next year I'll launch my own domain.
I met many wonderful, supportive and talented people here, and I wish you all the best of the best!


I'll still post here from time to time, just not as often. I won't be very responsive here, however, so please contact me on my FB page for any questions.

Free hand Commissions - Last slots for 2015!

Journal Entry: Sat May 9, 2015, 10:16 AM
Before grabbing a slot, please read my terms of service!:…

Working full time before starting college in October, I'm now open fo
r 4 slots of "free hand" commissions, for a reduced price.
This is a last chance to get something custom from me for year 2015, as I won't have the time for commissioned works during my 1st semester in college.
For this type of commission I'll only work with loose ideas, and require as much artistic freedom as possible.

 For example:
Your character in winter time, melancholy mood..
A composition of woodland birds with a red fox as the centerpiece, greens in the background...

You got the idea :> .

To grab a slot, please comment on this journal or note me with your idea and character refs.

I'll reply with my PayPal address and estimated turn-around-time.
You will receive a few thumbnail scribbles showing a few takes on your idea, for your choosing.
Once you choose, I will charge 50%.
 You will then receive a scan of the sketch for any revisions prior to coloring
First revision is free of charge, however, any additional revisions will require an additional fee ($5 for a 1/4 sized illustration $10 for a 1/2 sized illustration).
Once you approve the sketch, I will charge the remaining 50%.


1/4 sized illustration [4.1''x5.9''/10.5x15 cm]

A portrait-esque, bust or surreal scene, with abstract or lightly detailed background.
One main character/subject for this size of work.
Done on watercolor paper or on coffee dyed paper.

Arrival of Spring by Inku-inku Prince of Winter by Inku-inku Introversion by Inku-inku

Price: $50 / €45

1/2 sized illustration [8.3''x11.7''/21x29.7 cm]

A "fullbody", detailed painting with moderately detailed background.
Up to two main characters/subjects for this size of work.
Done on watercolor paper or on coffee dyed paper.

Escape the Dream by Inku-inku  
Revenge by Inku-inku

Price: $80 / €70


Payment Information

Payment will be made in USD or Euro through PayPal only.
Please note that 50% of the payment must be payed up front before any preliminary work begins. The remaining 50% will be paid before the coloring stage of the commission (sketch approval).
Please label your payment as "goods".


Please contact me regarding framing.

Shipping Information

I ship worldwide through the Israel Postal Company.
Standard registered mail for $5.00 (usually 14-28 postal working days to most locations) or EMS Express Mail starting at $25.00 (4-7 working days days).
Registered mail does not have an insurance option. For EMS mail insurance is included in the price.
All original artworks are secured as best as possible to prevent damage. I cannot take responsibility or issue a refund for lost or damaged mail sent without insurance! All works are secured with lots of care and love ♥.

Turnaround Time

The time to finish each artwork varies depending on size, design complexity and the number of commission slots. 
If you have a deadline in mind, please let me know in advance. Extremely tight deadlines may require additional payment.

Contact Information

For any questions regarding commissions, please send me a note via DeviantArt or an email to Jenny.shukin [at]

College, commissions, Etsy vs. Storenvy, Patreon.

Journal Entry: Mon May 4, 2015, 4:04 AM
Greetings my dear watchers and web dwellers,

I've recently got the exciting news regarding my application to Shenkar college of Engineering and Design, I got in! I'll  begin my B.A studies in October.
At the moment I work as much as I can as I won't be able to work full time during my 1st year of college.
I will also be open for one last round of commissions for 2015 later this week, stay tuned.

So many plans, so little time!

Along with making art in my original style and themes, I try to broaden my horizons before my studies, diving into typography, in-depth theory studies, philosophy, etching and more. I don't have my own studio yet obviously so I visit the studio of my childhood art teacher for equipment and guidance.

[ Typography studies at my teacher's studio ]


I won't be going to Europe for my annual vacation this year, so instead I make small, relaxing family trips in my own small yet diverse country. It's a great feeling to witness beautiful landscapes and fauna a few hours (or even minutes) drive from home.

[ Me feeding Tristram's Starlings near the Dead Sea  ]


And now, regarding my Etsy vs. Storenvy dilemma.
Etsy is indeed a great platform for creators and collectors, however I find myself more and more inclined to move to Storenvy. Being able to decorate my shop beyond a single banner Etsy allows and no fees make me think why I chose Etsy over Storenvy in the first place when I first opened an online shop.

About Patreon. I remember opening an account there, but being the anxious critter that I am,  haven't done much about it. Working (over) full time at a non-art related job until I start college, I'm not sure whether I'll have the time for good monthly rewards apart from prints and small artwork giveaways. Being able to work only part time while devoting the rest of my time rewards for Patreon sponsors would be lovely, however it's a bit of a risky step to take.
Perhaps I'm over-thinking it.

Any opinions and experience regarding Storenvy and Patreon are much appreciated!


A small side note regarding my character, Inku. I redesigned her and changed her story/concept. The biggest change is regarding her size - she shrunk to the size of a little bird :) . Expect to see a bird footed doggy in my works soon!

By the end of the week I'll post a journal regarding a last round of commissions. I'll only take around 3-4 slots.

Thank you for reading, wish you all a magical week!


Life-updates, heads-up on commissions

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 14, 2015, 2:02 PM
Greetings dear watchers and web-travelers,

Been over a month since my last update, life has been quite busy.
I'm now working full-time at a designer clothes shop, and along with my programming course (which turned to be quite a mess), I struggle to find the time for anything else. I still try my best to be as productive as possible, especially on weekends.

[ A fragment of a button jacket by Mirit Rodrig, fabric imported from Japan ]

I had entry exams for Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, which didn't go that well, I think. Should be getting the results soon.
If I don't get in, might as well workworkwork, travel a bit, and try again next year; Or perhaps try other fields of study such as medicine,
 which I find almost as interesting as art. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

[ Some WIPs for two upcoming acrylic mini-paintings ]

On a different note, I'm getting better and better at needlefelting, and hope to share some finished works with you soon. Might also put some stuff up for grabs in my Etsy shop!

My plans regarding commissioned work changed this month, and I'll have to postpone the opening date till the end of April, after I'm done with my programming exams and other stuff. I'll be open for 1-2 slots of full illustrations along with a few slots of icons and ACEOs.

Wish you all a pleasant week :heart:


Tradigital Icon commissions - round 2 - closed

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 12, 2015, 7:40 AM
Open for around 10 slots, all icons will be done by next Sunday (February 22th).

Price for first 5 slots: $12/9.5 - SLOTS CLAIMED
Price for all other slots: $15/€13.5

Payment will be done upfront in USD or euro by PayPal only, please label your transaction as "service" (NOT gift, goods etc.)!

To get a slot, note me or comment here with the following:
1. You character's reference pictures.
2. One or two keywords to describe the mood and/or background
(ex.- Sad, rain; Dark; Calm, pink bg; etc.). I'll only be working with loose ideas on this type of commission.

I'll reply with my PayPal address.


Please read the following before claiming a slot!
Bullet; White One character per icon with minimal background elements.
Bullet; White You'll receive two files: 300x300 px and 100x100 px.
Bullet; White I will not be showing sketches/WIPs for this type of work.
Bullet; White Revisions must be kept to the minimum. Any major changes will require a $5 fee.
Bullet; White Since these are partially digitally edited icons, I will not be shipping originals, no exceptions.
Bullet; White Animal, fantasy and anthro characters are welcome. I'm picky about humanoid, mecha and highly stylized characters. If I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to make good art of your character I'll kindly decline your commission. Thank you for your understanding.



1. M5-Memyou (FA) - DONE
2. Lucidkitsune (FA) - DONE
3. M5-Memyou (FA) - DONE
4. :iconblackwolfsilverpaw: - DONE
5. :iconcravingotters: - DONE
6. :iconerleuchtete: - DONE

Mini paintings sale + DD!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 7, 2015, 9:07 AM
Hello dear watchers,

Yesterday my painting "Escape the Dream" received a DD, making it my 5th. Thank you lovelessdevotions for suggesting it and Agaave for featuring, I'm honored! Also a big thanks to everyone who commented, faved and added me to their +watch list :aww:.

Escape the Dream by Inku-inku

As some of you noticed, I began uploading little acrylic paintings I've been working on throughout December (still working on new ones today). Acrylic is a challenging medium for me, and the great feedback I received is very encouraging :heart:.

Some of the paintings will be up for sale in my Etsy shop, however feel free to contact me on DeviantArt if you do not have an Etsy account.
 Dawn - mini painting by Inku-inku   

Wish you all a wonderful week!


Fear induced art-block (and future plans)

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 10, 2014, 1:03 PM
Hello my dear watchers, I hope you're doing better than fine.

As some of you might've noticed there has been a recent lack of activity from my side. Part of it is caused by fatigue from work and school (advanced JavaScript is not easy for me :c) but the main reason is a strange type of "fear" induced art-block, that is, fear of producing disappointing, weak artwork.

I thought about it a lot, and found a pattern of some sort regarding me and art-making:

1. I practice and experiment a lot.
2. I get progressively better.
3. I produce a series of good works I'm happy with.
4. I become anxious of producing works of inferior quality and stop drawing altogether

Now, I know it's silly. I mean, what's the worst thing that can happen - me wasting a few hours of my time and throwing a paper or two into the trash bin? pfft.

And yet.

Still, I have some plans regarding my art I hope to accomplish in the next months.

First of all - Bigger formats. This is a huge challenge for me, since I find it much easier to work on small formats (my favorite one being A5 and ACEO). My aim is to work mainly with A3 and A2, with occasional small works in between.
 A trick I found helpful is sketching a rough composition on A4 or A5 formats I'm comfortable with and printing it out on the bigger paper to be refined.

Secondly - Acrylic, gouache and oils. I have a modest assortment of the three with a few canvases lying around getting dusty. It's time to change that. I plan to experiment with the three medias until I settle down on a style and technique I'm comfortable with.

Other plans include working on unusual lighting and challenging backgrounds and subjects for me like machinery, buildings, human anatomy and more.


Over-thinking and plans aside, I have some other news:

I recently applied to Shenkar college of engineering and design in the field of Visual Communication. Entry exams are in March and I'm quite excited. Trying not to have any expectations (good or bad).

And, from this week until December 24th, my painting "Featherheart" will be exhibited in the lovely store/tea room of De Heremiet in Eindhoven . Come take a look if you're in the area!

Featherheart by Inku-inku


Wishing you all a pleasant weekend.


Black Friday Etsy sale!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 28, 2014, 8:11 AM
Hello everyone :).

I'm having a Black Friday sale at my Etsy Shop -

FREE shipping for all orders above $5 (excluding framed works) until December 1st.

Coupon code: BFINKU



Traditigal icon commissions - Info

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 4, 2014, 10:43 AM
It's been over 3 years since I've taken painted icon commissions, but now I've decided to re-open for another round!

Price for the first 5 slots: $10/8 SLOTS CLAIMED
Price for all other slots: $12/9.5

Payment will be done upfront in USD or euro by PayPal only, please label your transaction as "service" (NOT gift, goods etc.)!

To get a slot, note me or comment here with the following:

1. You character's reference pictures.
2. One or two keywords to describe the mood and/or background
(ex.- Sad, rain; Dark; Calm, pink bg; etc.)


Please read the following before claiming a slot!
:bulletwhite: One character per icon with minimal background elements.
:bulletwhite: You'll receive two files: 300x300 px and 100x100 px.
:bulletwhite: I will not be showing sketches/WIPs for this type of work.
:bulletwhite: Revisions must be kept to the minimum. Any major changes will require a $5 fee.
:bulletwhite: Since these are partially digitally edited icons, I will not be shipping originals, no exceptions.
:bulletwhite: Animal, fantasy and anthro characters are welcome. I'm picky about humanoid, mecha and highly stylized characters. If I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to make good art of your character I'll kindly decline your commission. Thank you for your understanding.


Slots (up to 14):

1. NaraWerewulf (FA) - DONE
2. Firespikekawa (FA) - DONE
3. Meora_Hedva (FA) - DONE
4. Meora_Hedva (FA) - DONE
5. :iconangeleslaveau: - DONE
6. Blackseafoam (FA) - DONE
7. Wolfydog (FA) - DONE
8. Terror-run (FA) - DONE
9. Terror-run (FA) - DONE
10. Jazzycat (FA) - DONE

Updated Art-sale - originals for sale

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 6:49 AM
An updated list of originals for sale!

:bulletwhite: Payment will be made in USD or Euro through PayPal only.

For questions feel free to comment here, note me or contact me at Jenny.schukin [at] . Don't be shy :)!


"Arrival of Spring" - [5.1''x7.4'']

Arrival of Spring by Inku-inku

An ethereal fawn spirit, bringer of spring.
A painting symbolizing renewal and rejuvenation.

Watercolors, ink and pen on watercolor paper (200g).

Not framed.

Price: $40/€32…


"Prism" - [5.1''x7.4'']

Prism by Inku-inku

A young prismatic dragon, with his own star.

Watercolors, ink and pen on watercolor paper (200g).

Not framed.

Price: $40/€32…


"Prince of Winter" - [5.5''x7.9'']

Prince of Winter by Inku-inku

A majestic arctic fox prince in crimson cloak, accompanied by two hare spirits.

Watercolors, ink, acrylic, pencil and goldleaf for the cloak clasp.

Not framed.

Price: $60/€54…


"Manifest of Mania" - [5.1''x7.4'']

A depiction of madness, hysteria and cunning.

Watercolors, ink and pencil on watercolor paper (200g).

Not framed.

Price: $40/€32…


"Feather of Canaan" - [8.2''x10.8'']

Feather of Canaan by Inku-inku

An anthropological hoopoe in the ancient land of Canaan.
The original artwork does not have the sun symbol on the pot the hoopoe is holding like in the digital version.

Watercolors, ink and pencil on paper.
Signed. Has a border for easier framing.

Not framed.

Price: $55/€44…


"Vigilance" - [12.9''x15.7'']

"Above damp and muddy soil, tense skies float.
Absorbed in the dance of ancestors, the dance of dead skulls, they are leaping over the fire, carrying their tails high, fur bristling.
They are singing songs of the past, touched by fires of ancient wars flowing in their veins, culminating into a howl."

Watercolor and pencil of paper.

Signed and framed.

Price: 85$/€75…


"Roots of Madness - Root of Delirium, Root of Dementia" - [7.8''x11.4'']


A dark diptych featuring two wolves, one of autumn, the other of winter.

Both drawings are done in pencil on pastel paper.
Both are signed and framed together.

Price: 95$/€85…


Shipping info:

:bulletwhite: All originals are sent with a tracking code. Delivery times for unframed artwork vary by country, usually taking between 2-5 weeks. Framed artwork is sent by insured express mail, taking between 3-10 days.

:bulletwhite: Shipping price for unframed artwork is $5 without insurance.

:bulletwhite: Shipping price for framed artwork is $20-40, depending on size. The price includes insurance.

:bulletwhite: All original artworks are secured as best as possible to prevent damage. While I cannot take responsibility or issue a refund for works sent without insurance, If you've received an artwork in damaged condition contact me ASAP!

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New stuff at my Etsy shop! + some news

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 6, 2014, 5:36 AM
Hello all!

it's been a while since my last journal entry, and quite a lot of things to tell you.

I opened a shop on Etsy for my art prints, original artwork and crafts by me. There are still lots of goodies to be added in the next week so stay tuned.

Click the banner bellow!


Last month my painting "Featherheart"  was exhibited at the Golden Age of Fairy Art Exhibition (Elfia fair) in the Netherlands. A real shame I couldn't attend myself, maybe next year :).

Featherheart by Inku-inku


I keep on honing my pen and ink skills as much as I can, and Inktober gave my a wonderful opportunity  to do just so. I started a bit late, but will try to post something new every day. You can see my Inktober entries on my FB page: .


Right now I'm preparing for an upcoming local fantasy/sci-fi con. Hopefully it'll go well!
After the con, mid October, I plan on taking a few commissions slots for ACEOs, Icons and perhaps A5 sized works.

To everyone's surprise, I'm starting a PHP Webmaster course at the end of October. I'm not sure at all if I'll enjoy programming but it's a useful skill to have I believe!

I hope you guys are doing well.


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Changing medium! - From pencil to ink (+ Feature)

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 20, 2014, 6:54 AM
After a few months of not getting much joy from art-making in the past few months (or finish anything, as written in my previous journal), I came to the conclussion that my current, most used technique of watercolor and pencils became boring to me.

To fix that, I visited the art-supply shop and treated myself with some cool pens and brush-pens.

 As much as I love pencils, I'm looking forward to master the ink and pen, focusing on line-work, structure and design (much neglected by me) and leading my art to a more graphic direction.

I still have a few pencil works in progress that will be posted soon, but until I become confident with this new medium and produce something show-worthy, I won't be posting much art on dA in the near future. I will, however, be posting skethes, studies and WIPs on my FB page, so be sure to check it out for occasional updates
: .

A feature of wonderful artwork using pens and inks:

the King Vulture's Queen by CaitlinHackett Mockingbird by yanadhyana Breathing space by STelari 

Osaera by Kaelycea liska by Esquirol twilight and mist by LiigaKlavina oh slap by Hiidenhukka

Takatalvi by Tuonenkalla Seven Meditations, Part 1: Homecoming by outsidelogic why carry their burden. by Pandonation

 Alice and gryphon by bluefooted work in progress hare and bear by luve Braixen by TeaKitsune ACEO Spiral Kitty by Myrntai

Puppet theatre by MichaelBrack Business Trip by cidaq Fire Egg Dragon O Ka Fee by RubisFirenos   


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Birthday! Woohoo! + Needle felting (?)

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 15, 2014, 6:55 AM
So I turned 21 yesterday and wanted to thank you guys for all the birthday wishes!
Yesterday was great and I had tons of fun with friends and family.

Because 21 is the appropriate age for Hello Kitty balloons and WoW plushies : )!

I also apologize for the lack of submissions, I can't seem to finish anything recently and keep working on lots of drawings at the same time and producing loads of doodles in general, something that is very uncharacteristic of me :').


I also began to practice needle-felting! Hopefully I'll be able to produce show-worthy OOAK dolls soon enough. As a doll collector I've always dreamed of being able to craft dolls of my own and expand my skills from only 2D creations, but never got into sewing and knitting... now I'm starting to slowly get into sculpting and needle-felting, hopefully being able to somehow combine both.

spotted goat 2 by vriad-lee Townsend's Big Eared Bat by creturfetur Needle Felted Baby Owl by amber-rose-creations Kirin Pair Purple and Green by FamiliarOddlings

Well, back to work!

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My DeviantArt Story - (WARNING - long story ahead)

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 9, 2014, 7:35 AM
I joined DeviantArt on my first account on November 2007 when I was 13 years old. At that time I was arrogant enough to think my silly anime and animal doodles were the manifestation of true talent for my age group. "Surprisingly", I've received a very modest amount of feedback :giggle:. A few months later I've abandoned that account.

Within a course of a year, my interests changed (anime and manga lost their appeal to me and I got into the anthro/furry niche), I've matured greatly and shed my arrogance off, craving critique and constructive feedback.

On November 2008 I've decided to open my current account.
My biggest inspirations at that time were :icongoldenwolf:, :iconhibbary:, :icondarknatasha: and :iconscrewbald:, along with :iconpaperiapina:

   Laugh at Life by screwbald Elementalist Maned Wolf by darknatasha The Old Owl Woman by hibbary Arctic Treasures by Goldenwolf White Mammoth by Paperiapina

I was 14 at the time and felt quite insecure about my art and in what direction/s I wanted to develop. Art was mainly just "pretty pictures"  with no real meaning or originality. This was my 1st submission on this account, which surprisingly received quite a lot of positive feedback:


I've continued refining my technique and skills with lots of anthro and animal OC art, honed my English skills and made some friends :>. I  miss that period as I had a lot of free time in high school and art was really just fun and games with not much discipline. 
On January 2011 I've received my 1st DD:

Ironically, anthro/furry art started to loose some of its appeal to me shortly afterwards.

I began my on-going struggle with (mild) depression and anxiety that year, and art changed from being just pretty pictures to an emotional outlet and therapy for me. My works became much more surreal as I got more and more into spirituality and folklore. My headworld began to take form of a strange ethereal domain full of shape-shifters and personal symbolism (usually in the form of animals and shapes).
At the end of 2011 I've received my 2nd DD:

The Wilderness by Inku-inku

And in 2012, I was honored to receive a 3rd DD:

Haze by Inku-inku

2011-2012 were very productive years for me art-wise and some of my best works were produced at that time. I've receieved a lot of feedback and many watchers and followers which made me much more confident about my art.

At the end of 2012 I've joined the army for mandatory service. Although my service was extremely rewarding and pleasant, boot-camp was a completely world-shattering experience for me, making in my anxiety problem worse and resulting in a suicide attempt. I felt very guilty and ashamed at that time and made myself super-busy with army work, so not much art was produced that year. Most works were half-assed experiments.

In 2014 I've finished my army service and began to work hard on my art to make up for lost time. I plan to broaden my artistic abilities as much as I can before applying to visual communication/illustration.
I also plan on making tutorials and become more active in the community-life of DeviantArt in general as a big thank you for all the support and feedback :).

I've received my 4th DD on January:

Our World by Inku-inku

I've come a long way and DeviantArt became a huge part of my life - as an inspiration source, a place to communicate with friends and fellow artists, a place of encouragement and helpful critique, a place where I can provide help for young/beginning artists. The feedback I receive is never taken for granted and I'm very grateful for every comment/fav/watch I receive.

This "story" is longer than most stories I've read so far and ridden with quite a lot of personal details, so I hope I haven't bored anyone too much :').


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Print Raffle Winner!

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 6, 2014, 3:20 AM
Apologies for the slight delay, I only just returned from a visit to my home-city (Moscow) and had a bit of a jet-lag problem.
This was the HOTTEST summer week I've ever experienced in Moscow, accompanied by smog from forest fires and horrible air pollution (no wind to move the car smoke around). I hope to return there in December for a more pleasant weather : ).

Anyway, I drew a note with the name of the raffle winner today, congrats to :iconevelyntaliette:
Thank you everyone for participating and don't be disappointed if you haven't won this time, I'll be sure hold more raffles in the future.

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Inku's FREE Print Raffle!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 23, 2014, 12:52 PM
Hello everyone!

As a way to celebrate my milestone of 2000 watchers, and as promised, I'll be having a raffle of prints of my artwork for my watchers!
The winner will receive either one A4 sized print or two A5 sized prints of his choice from the list of available prints bellow. 

If the amount of participants exceeds 100, a second winner will be chosen, so spread the word!

Rules (please read!):

1. You must be my watcher to enter.
2. You can only enter the raffle once.
3. Your account must be at least 1 month old to participate.
4. To enter the giveaway leave a comment on this journal with your choice of a print from the list bellow. Either one A4 print or two A5 prints.
5. The raffle ends on August 5th.

Available A4 prints:

Available A5 prints:


Thank you all for your continued support and feedback.
Good luck to all participants!

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Back + BOOM + 2k watchers!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 8, 2014, 10:11 AM
Greetings everyone!

I returned yesterday from my two-week trip to Germany and Austria. I've had the most wonderful and fulfilling experience in ages.

I've spent the entire first week in Berlin, which left me yearning for more. This city felt like home even though it was my first time there.
Along with casual walks around Alexanderplatz, Museum Island, the Berlin Wall and the Berlin Zoo, I've also been to a Pearl Jam concert which was incredible of course :>.

Arctic wolves at the Berlin Zoo

On the second week of the trip I've spent a few days in Munich. We took the sightseeing tour bus since it was raining all day long, but still had a great time. Lots of strolls around Marienplatz, visited the Hunting Museum and Nymphenburg palace and its wonderful park (with over 9000 geese!).

A collage of photos at Marienplatz, Munich

From Germany to Austria! Spent a few days in Innsbruck, with it's beautiful, old-fashioned streets and delicious air :>. Took a cable car ride to Hafelekar summit and visited the Alpine Zoo.

Me at 2,334 m high, Hafelekar, Innsbruck

From Innsbruck to grand and luxurious Vienna. Certainly the most beautiful and clean city I've ever visited in Europe. Unfortunately I caught a cold on my last day in Innsbruck so I couldn't enjoy my stay in Vienna to the fullest, but I'll certainly come back for another visit asap!

Me at Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna


About 15 hours after landing back home, a rocket intercepted above to Tel Aviv. Damn terrorists, you could at least let me overcome my jet lag!
Jokes aside, I truly hope it'll be quiet here soon, not only in my hometown, but especially in southern Israel, which gets showered by rockets daily (About 45 seconds to run to shelter where I live, whereas southern Israelis only have about 15 seconds). Not trying to start a political discussion here though, politics are nasty, especially in the middle-east.


On a completely unrelated (and happier) note, I've reached my 2k watcher milestone! To celebrate the occasion and as a big thank you to all of my watchers, old and new, I'm planning to hold a giveaway-lottery of prints of my artwork. I'll write a new journal on the matter soon, hopefully by the end of the month!

I wish you all a wonderful day/night.

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Trip to Germany/Austria + misc

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 21, 2014, 4:42 AM
Greetings my dear watchers,

Tomorrow I'm going on a long-waited trip to Germany and Austria with my bf and his family. We will be visiting Berlin (where we'll attend a Pearl Jam concert!), Munich, Innsbruck and Vienna. I'll be away for two weeks, but scheduled a new painting to be submitted here on Monday for you to see :>.

I still haven't healed completely from my stomach-problem, the one that led to my visit to the ER back in March.  I do however learned to manage my symptoms (mainly acid reflux and rebound) quite well with the right medicine and herbal teas. The the doctors also found a benign tumor in my stomach, which I truly hope is nothing to fuss about.
Although I've been a bit sickly for the past two years or so, catching colds and flues every two months, this mysterious, now chronic, stomach condition hit me quite hard, physically and emotionally. I try to remain positive in hopes my body will heal itself; It gets better with each month is seems, and perhaps this vacation will make it even better. I truly hope I won't have to be on a strict diet and meds for the rest of my life.

Health-stuff aside, I plan on weaning myself from watercolors. It's time to explore new techniques to expand my skills (and my portfolio). I'll be experimenting with gouache, inks/calligraphy, more etching and linocuts, colored pencils and pastels, perhaps oils... (haven't touched oils ever since I was 12). 

I hope you guys are well and wish you a great week!

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Slight delay with owed works! (+mini feature)

Journal Entry: Sun May 18, 2014, 12:23 AM
Just a little update for my commissioners and other people to whom I owe art - I've gotten sick with pretty nasty tonsillitis a couple of days ago, and won't be able to do much art or ship out originals for the next few days until I'm a bit better.

I apologize for the delay and hope to be back on track soon enough!


A little feature from my favorites:

Winter offering by Rode-Egelnight watch (2 by 25kartinokWizard Lyssa by tygriffin
Entwined by mainacuriosity of deer by Ebineyland

Mature Content

Shark Mermaid by reneenault
Fossegrimen by Bluari
Tree Nymph by Kaelycea

A little update

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 18, 2014, 9:13 AM
I'm writing you after almost two days with little to no sleep! I've attended a local fantasy and sci-fi con and sold prints of my works and some handmade plushies for two long and incredible days. It's been my first time selling at a con, and it was wonderful, exciting and very encouraging. I learned much and more and hope to attend future cons with (hopefully) even more success :]. I plan to fill my etsy store with prints soon enough.

I met :icontrollgirl: who also sold prints of her paintings, along with badges and wonderful metal jewelry, which you can (and SHOULD) check out here: [link] .
Later, :iconsegol-hane: came for a short visit at the con and was very kind to draw a portrait of me, which I'll treasure forever. We've never met in person before as she lives abroad, so it was absolutely delightful.

I posted my commission info yesterday ([link]), and all of the available slots are already taken. I'll do my best to finish this batch until the end of May, to take 1-2 more commissions before my trip to Germany and Austria at the end of June.

Wish you all a pleasant weekend ♥!